Monday, July 25, 2016

It's been too long again since we last posted and some stuff has changed.

Namely we are out of Unitedcats. That place turned out to be a horrible site. We were there for four months and helped bring in other Catster members and now feel bad...but each must learn and make their own choices.

At the end, someone was playing around wif our diaries, changing words, scrubbing stuff out and taking the entries right off and then we said something and pop, they were back up. We took screen shots of all this too, for documentation. Only a moderator has that sort of right to go in behind the scenes and do stuff like this and we know it was them.  So, we are out of there and I have to say, there is a real nut case running loose on that site...nuff said bout dat purrlace.

We moved on and are joined up wif tons of Catster members over at Here Kitty

I tell you, I was a scared little boy when I first went into dat purrlace, but after I shouted fur help, I was lost, MOL!!! Miss Macy came and helped me!!

Me and mai sisfurs and even Buddy, we all have our diaries back up and running on this site and its called by the names we had for them on Catster..except for Buddy's, that one was changed.  Heck we can even copy and paste diary entries into this other site.

I just need to be able to connect with other Catster members and this is the site!!  Its way different then Catster, and that 's ok..but it has our groups from Catster,,saw the Late Late Show, Rainbow Bridge, BOCU, oh there are tons of stuff there.. and only gonna gets better as time goes on.

Den we have Furiendly Pets:

This site is awesome pawsome!! There we can decorate our pages just like at Catster, but has codes already built in, all you need to do is have the photobucket links...banner posting is a little different, but once you learn, its super easy...and the owner is there, and does live one on one help, along with another admin.  There is groups on the site too

Then we have this...mine and my sisfurs blog!! We have always loved to blog and need to do this more..and I want to learn to decorate my pages up here all fancy smancy too, MOL!!

Going to be getting into this very soon...anyone wants to help me learn, pawese let us know, Fank you furry much

Till later, doodman's and doodettes, MOL

Your pals, Friday, Bijou, Bailey and Neiko

Sunday, July 17, 2016

We're having such a nice summer, not too hot and dry. The gardens are looking pawsome, too. But the weather will be changing later this week to super duper hot!!, its gonna be a heatwave ~ yuckky!!...

So anyway, shortly us furkids will be adding stuff from our Catster days on a new page..and I guess on annifurseries of special moments we will post our special keepsake pictures and write about those days.

We're on three sites..but really enjoy two of them that if combined, would be Catster all over again!

We're still learning on each site too, but from what we have seen and done .... we rawlly enjoy both these site. and can't pick or choose which one we prefer over the other, because we can't and will be using both.

The first one is Untied Cats:

What we can do here: make diary entries and others can make comments, give gifts, there is COTW there, there is also United Dogs and kind of set up the same way as Catster in that area, groups, there are moderators who will help, Can send pmail and receive pmail,  can kind of decorate our pages..if you buy a Championship membership, there are backgrounds to choose from and can add those..I can decorate some of our pages with gifs, using the copy image address on a picture from the net and pasting that into a box. I have figured out how to add music to our page, but you have to click on the link to hear it. We make furiends on there... and .. uhmmm, let's see...I know I has lots to still learn on there, but Rome wasn't built in a day and over time I will learn more

On this site I have been able to decorate our pages just like Catster, same backgrounds used and even the banner..the center content you change the colour using a colour chart and changing the there I can't use any of the scrapbooking papers I used on Catster for the center content. And the codes are already premade, we just use our photobucket accounts and get the direct codes, so super easy. Yesterday I learned to rename the diary, but not sure if its a continuous diary, like we had on Catster, where we could look back and read..or if its just a litte something to write something special in there..only been there a few days sooo..lots to learn....there are groups there....and we can have photo albums on our pages...we make furiends on there too. When I learn more, I will paw about it and let you all know

But I also really want to start working in mai blog here!!! We are gonna learn how to decorate here too, so it could be interesting, MOL!

Anyways, until later...have a good day our wonnerfur furiends!! We love and appreciate each and everyone of you....Hugs, Friday, Bijou, Bailey and Neiko

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's been way too long since I posted on mai much going on. But more than ebur before us furkids are so grateful fur our blog.

It's been announced Catster is closing the doors fur good come July 12th ~ they didn't even gib us a whole week's notice..wouldn't want ta work fur dem..they are thieves!!

Everything we all made will be gone, wiped out. Not even our personal pages will be left..and the saddest fing is the Angel pages will also be wiped out.

We got a reprieve for two and a half years, and in dat time I learned to save us many memories as I could..but I find myself still going over der and scrambling to look it all over and try to grab as much as I can...I guess I want to take the whole fing wif me...but I can't.....

So anyways, what we kids have been able to save will also be added here to our blog.. just gonna be adding pages

Plus we has lots of work to do on our site least no one can come along and tell us to get out because da beeg bulldozzer is coming in to knock it all to schmi or eans !!

Anyway, here's a little of our memories:

Friday, November 13, 2015

One of My Best Furiends and A Catster Legend Has Journeyed to The Bridge

My furiend, Platelicker (Platey) went to Rainbow Bridge on Nov. 11, Remembrance Day. A furiend to all.

He made us laugh and smile, and now we cry and mourn.

I'll never look at a red feffer boa quite the same way again, *wipes away the tears from his eyes*

Or when someone is picking the strings of their geetar, I'll be thinking of you, Platey, who loved to play us all some nifty songs on his back porch as we picked fly legs outta our teef, and laffed  and hooted and danced our hearts out. Some real good hoe downs happend on that back porch of his.

Now I'll be listening really close to hear you play your geetar in the heavenly choir up on yonder Bridge.

Oh Platey, I'm gonna miss you!! Save me a seat, I'll be up there later, not just yet..... some fings fur me to still do here.  You take your rest, you've earned it my furiend.

The Crown of Life is yours, you've overcome and conquered so much. Rest well my furiend, rest well.

I'll be keeping your MC in my thoughts and prayers. She will be missing and mourning you the most.

Come visit us when you have a chance.

Love you forever and ever and your memory I'll keep.  Forever your furiend, Friday

Just a couple of pictures I made in sweet remembrance of Platelicker

The hardest memorial picture I have ever brought a smile to his MC's heart ~ Debbie said that's her Platey awwrite.

Platelicker May 4, 2006 - Nov. 11, 2015 
A precious life well lived, deeply loved  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, it's Friday already, MOL!! where did the week go???? It's been furry windy and cold outside. Good fing I don't go out.

Meowm was home today, so I says to her, "hey I fink I needs to make a new background" So dat's what I did!!

I loves to make picshurs fur my furiends, but dat sad ones of when dey go to the Bridge, I try really hard and make dem really nice. Never thought I would be an Angel wing maker, but I has been making lots and working hard and learning as I go.

So anyways, here is the background I made today. I put a watermark on it, so its mine :)  I will be adding more elements to it each time I use it, making it different and unique.
Whatch fink of it???

Monday, October 12, 2015

It was Buddy's 18th Gotcha Day/Birthday yesterday. Back in the early days it was called an anniversary, but we like Gotcha much better.

We haven't been on our blog very much this year and that's kind of not good. So many wonnerfur fings happening and memories being made.

We have been patient wif Catster, but I fink we are at the end of our rope and no more room for knots, so Meowm says we staying here. Lots to write about and share  right here!!

Yesterday it was magical we gots on Catster. A furiend, Tundra and her furmily made dis bewtifur keepsake pictshur for Buddy.

We are gonna be adding lotza pictures and stuff, and needs to learn lotza stuff here, so purrlease be patient and if you can, help us out too.

Well, dats it fur now, going to go and see if we can add dis pictshur to Buddy's page here too.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My 10th Gotcha Day!!!

My 10th Gotcha Day was yesterday. Meowm was thinking about that day and wondering where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday she found me, screaming my little head off and starving, because I really was hungry and had a cigarette burn on the top of my little head. Some people down the all had me for a week, only gave me milk, so I was really really hungry!

Meowm found me in the hall on Good Friday and dats how I come by my name!! She had to give me back to those bad people but she came back for me Easter Sunday!! And the rest as they say, is history!!

I was a cute little monkey

There are other pictures of me as a baby, just have to dig them out, another posting I will.

I got some tuna as a treat and pictures taken. Meowm moved stuff around the living room so now I am back in the rocking chair I once claimed as my own, years ago!! That means I am spending more time in the living room wif Meowm and not in my basket on the kitchen table. Hey this is kind of nice for a change, if I do say so myself